I am writing this letter to tell you just how much I enjoy our professional collaboration.

Working together to serve our students has been such a pleasure. The speech and language evaluations that you provide are very comprehensive, informative, and insightful. As a professional in the field of learning/developmental disabilities,

I thoroughly appreciate the wealth of information provided in the areas of auditory processing, receptive and expressive language, social cognition/pragmatics, the historical perspectives/family considerations, and influences of sensory regulation.

The reports provide the family, the inter-disciplinary team members, and related public school personnel with the necessary theoretical information and wonderful practical and pertinent recommendations for remediation/and intervention. In addition, I am most impressed with the warm, caring, relationships you have established with the children throughout their treatment sessions with you...Treatment sessions are creative, fun, and always individualized to each of the students specific needs.

One can always see your 'commitment' and your joy as one observes you with the children. I must also recognize, in addition to the expert professional services to the child, you have always extended yourself personally to the families, with continual understanding and compassion. Your dedication to the children and their families is endless... I look forward to our continued collaboration and the opportunity to learn from our interactions with one another.


Caron Jacobson, M.Ed.