Social and Language Skill Development

Recognizing the need to enhance the critical connection between your child’s language abilities and social-emotional and/or sensory regulatory needs we bring together resources for a unique approach to enhance your child’s language and ability to engage and communicate with their peers.

One Session, Many Benefits
Under the leadership of certified and trained professionals, our developmentally-focused group programs deliver pragmatic language therapies to your child.  Each session is co-facilitated by two Speech and Language Pathologists, an SLP and a Psychotherapist or an SLP and an Occupational Therapist.  Our goal is to streamline the services your child receives, coordinating the expertise, impact and effectiveness of the various disciplines.

From Toddlers To Teens
Our age and skill appropriate classes are fun!  Your child will enjoy an hour-long mix of learning activities and individualized services.   In our comfortable and nurturing environment, your child’s language, sensory and social skills will grow through a host of interactive activities. Whether your child is a tot, tween, or teen, they’ll look forward to a new way to learn how to communicate with their peers and to develop more meaningful and successful interactions.

Sessions focus on enhancing critical communication capabilities such as: attention and listening, play development and engagement, friendship building, conversational skills, understanding and use of body language and non-verbal cues, perspective taking and social cognition, coping skills and anger management, manners, feelings, and social problem solving, while reinforcing, on an ongoing basis, the development of speech and language, auditory and language processing, ability to follow directions, build vocabulary and grammar skills, word retrieval, verbal organizational, fluency and much more.

Groups of more than three children are facilitated by two therapists. Presently, those groups that benefit also from the expertise of a Social Worker or Psychotherapist to address emotional and/or behavioral challenges, Becky Salasche, MSW, LCSW, is running the groups with us. For those groups that benefit most from the expertise of an Occupational Therapist to address sensory processing and regulatory and/or motor planning challenges, we partner with Occupational Therapist, Judy Katz, OTR

We are very careful to group children appropriately and the process is complicated.  Therefore, there may be a wait.  Please call us to discuss the process for enrollment.