I have worked with Caryn Burstein, M.S., CCC-SLP and Caryn Burstein and Associates, LLC for the past twenty years, and as a child and adolescent psychiatrist, I have found her expertise to be invaluable.

I refer many patients to Caryn for comprehensive evaluations and speech and language services. I find her diagnostic acumen to be outstanding. Caryn is a highly regarded colleague who as been very helpful in developing a comprehensive treatment plan for my patients and their families.

In addition, I frequently refer children and adolescents to Caryn for participation in their Social Pragmatic Communication Groups, which help children with a variety of diagnoses associate with social communication disorders.

I have also worked successfully with Caryn's associates, Julie Kahn, M.A., CCC/SLP and Lindsey Darin, M.S., CCC/SLP. I find them to be highly competent and extremely helpful.

I have always received positive  feedback from all of my patients who have seen Caryn and her associates. They feel they have received outstanding services.

Overall, I find Caryn and her associates to be an invaluable component of my diagnostic and therapeutic multidisciplinary team.


Steven H. Hanus, MD

Faculty Northwestern Medical School

Attending Psychiatrist, Northwestern Memorial Hospital


NorthShore Universtity Medical System/Evanston Hospital